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chris ware versus john updike who is stronger

interesting but possibly bullshit comparison between John Updike and Chris Ware: nutshell version: both are genius "writers" on th paragraph/panel/page level, but both have failed to create enduring characters and plots/stories.

In other news, are we done w/ Round 3 voting here? Tezuka-san is up 5 to 1 over Eddie Campbell. Other heavies still on th board, jest off th top my head: Charles Burns, Crumb, Hank Ketcham, Justin Green, Will Eisner, Posy Simmonds, etc., etc., etc., etc.!

Finally, here is a short movie some dude made from a poster Xaime Hernandez made for Bob Dylan's XM radio show:

Th embed looks funky, so here's th link:

--and here, have a look @ th poster, it's bomb.
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