forcing th action

we th people of th komix_klatch have selected Jack "Th King" Kirby (28 Aug 1917 – 6 Feb 1994) of New York NY w/ our second-round pick. Not sure what has to be said about Mr. Kirby other than he invented th motherfucking Silver Surfer.

According to Wiki, Jack Kirby met Rosalind "Roz" Goldstein in th summer of 1940. He proposed to her on 25 September of that year, her 18th birthday. He was 23. That year was also th year Kirby and his collaborator Joe Simon created Captain America. Simon & Kirby would continue to work together cranking out hit after hit for th next two decades. They created th first romance comix book, Young Romance, in 1947. Jack stayed married to Roz for th rest of his life.

He is really good @ drawing.

Although Kirby's partnership w/ Stan Lee starting in th early 1960s was even more successful and iconic than his one w/ Simon, his time @ Marvel Comics is also remembered for Kirby's frustration w/ th company. One of his specific beefs was "Marvel's failure to credit him specifically for his story plotting and for his character creations and co-creations." My sense of it, though, is that most people who love comix see Th King as Th King and Stan Lee as Th Jerk Face.

It is probably worth noting that Kirby created th first black superhero, Black Panther (1966, for Marvel), as well as DC Comics' first two black superheroes, whose names were Vykin th Black and th Black Racer (both 1971).

One thing I will never forget regarding Kirby is reading an interview w/ Gilbert Hernandez, probably in th Comics Journal, wherein he was asked to compare th influences of Jack Kirby and Robert Crumb on his work. And Gilbert said something like, "Well, of course Crumb is brilliant, mebbe th best draftsman there is; but when I look @ one of his drawings I can more or less recognize where it came from. I can imagine coming up w/ an idea similar to that. But w/ Kirby, I look @ his stuff ... and I just don't know."

how he sees God, allegedly

pushin things forward

using our first-round pick in th WCL draft, komix_klatch have selected Sir Winsor McCay (26 Sep 1867? - 26 Jul 1934) of Canada, Michigan, Cincinnati OH, and New York NY, whose Wikipedia entry surprisingly sucks and who was not really knighted, though he should have been, had he been English. A verry admiring biography appears HERE but really y'all should jest step away from yr 'puters and crack open one a them nice big books w/ th sweet reproductions a them glorious Sunday Slumberland pages from th New York Herald circa 1905-1911. Did you know that Little Nemo in Slumberland was not syndicated? It appeared in just that one newspaper.

In 1924 he left Hearst and returned to the now Herald Tribune and tried to revive Little Nemo. It lasted for two years, but proved to be out of touch with the public. McCay was allowed to purchase all rights to the character for $1 -- a magnanimous gesture that doubled as a sad evaluation of his efforts.

--and Herman Melville died a pauper, and in his obituary th New York Times typed his name "Henry Melville". It is and has always been th normal way of things for some geniuses to be underappreciated.

Floor's yours, halohalomofoko.

clobberin time

all right, th "competition" have locked up Sparky w/ their Number One pick. Who's th best "player" of th zillions remaining?

saltdawg has thrown his weight behind Winsor McCay.

I'm going to go ahead and Make Mine Marvel: Jack Kirby.

Here's my short, short list of other credible choices:

George Herriman
Winsor McCay
Tony Millionaire
Eddie Campbell
Joann Sfar
Kevin Huizenga

... and on and on hmm hmm hmm hmm well @ this point it's hard to go wrong, let's get it on ...

hammer time

draft day one round one

well now that a few people are here:

It looks like our "rival" will be selecting Jack Kirby w/ their first-round pick.

Preferences for our pick, assuming Th King's taken? They need not be th obvious choices, but I'm down w/ th obvious, too: Sparky Schulz!

Admission: I haven't read nearly as much Krazy Kat as I want to, and I don't know why.

Question: any webcomix y'been keepin' secret from everybody? Here's mine:

Nick Bertozzi's Persimmon Cup, an adventure story that seems improvised a few panels @ a time, but I'm not sure what th bigger design is??

--It's on hiatus now, but there's a lot there in th archive to read before you hit th cliff-hanger.